Cops still searching for a killer in North Philly

Crawling across her uncle’s living room floor in Feltonville yesterday, 10-month-old Saniyah Franks was oblivious to the adult conversation going on. That’s for the best, since her mother Tori, grandmother Michelle and other relatives were talking about how her daddy, Neville Franks, would never finish the 21st birthday cake from which he had a small piece two days before he was gunned down on Sept. 11.

They say police know who shot their loved one — someone uncle Simon White said “would’ve been in jail [on a 2008 attempted murder rap] if it wasn’t for the ‘no snitching’ bulls—’” — but he remains on the loose with an accomplice.

“These guys are dangerous. They killed a guy they knew [from growing up in the same neighborhood]. The cops said they’re running around robbing people,” said White. His wife Barbara added, “We got witnesses willing to speak up. We are not scared.”
Police could not provide details about the case yesterday.

“I’ll be here when you get back,” Neville said, the last time his family saw him ironing the clothes he wore to his death. He died just days before the Jobs Corps interview he’d scheduled to make Saniyah’s future brighter.

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