Dems’ big dogs jump on board

Even though he’s safe from this year’s tumultuous mid-term election season, U.S. Sen. Bob Casey decided to roll up his sleeves and get involved with the upcoming Pennsylvania race for governor Monday night.

Casey worked the phone lines, reaching out to voters for fellow Democratic candidate Dan Onorato, who has been running behind in the polls to Republican Tom Corbett in the race for governor.

Casey dismissed the polls — despite the fact they have held for the past couple months — that show Onorato and Senate candidate Joe Sestak trailing their Republican counterparts.
Casey said, “I have the privilege of seeing the private polls and they are much closer. The Democrats are down only 1 to 2 points. … It is the same in the Congressional races. The polls in August do not matter. People were not paying attention to the race then. The last three weeks are when they are making their decision.”

He acknowledged the frustration of voters.

“They may be angry at the Democrats,” Casey said. “[But] when they start researching the alternative, they will soon realize that they will not be getting what they need from the Republicans.”

Sestak’s opponent to replace Sen. Arlen Specter, Pat Toomey, has begun campaigning more in Philadelphia during the last two weeks in what some in Republican circles believe may be the final push to secure every last anti-Establishment vote they can get.

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