Fringe saved it for you

Choreographer Colleen Hooper admits she’s a bit obsessed with clutter. She moved three times over the last year, and at times she looks at her Mt. Airy apartment in complete disgust. “I still have cardboard boxes lying around, and I’ve got tax returns from six years ago in case I get audited,” she says. “I do have some nice pieces of furniture, but they’re only nice if you don’t have a bunch of crap on them.”

Her latest piece, “I Saved This For You,” is an emotional exploration of personal spaces and the inherent struggle for order.

In a bold move, the four dancers, including Hooper, greet the audience on the sidewalk outside of CHI Movement Arts Center. The performance will begin right then and there, outside of the theater.

“I wanted us to think about the difference between outside and inside spaces,” she says. “There’s a sense of freedom and playfulness outside. But once we get inside, we get wrapped up in having things a certain way, and we get very territorial.”

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