Germantown gets an Obama encore

In October 2008 with the election on the line, hundreds of Germantown residents turned out for then-candidate Barack Obama, and the masses are expected to do the same again Sunday when the commander-in-chief headlines a rally.

Obama will be joined by homegrown band, the Roots, and local politicians as Democrats try to rally voters ahead of next month’s critical midterm election. Democrats trail in two key statewide races, with gubernatorial candidate Dan Onorato behind Republican Tom Corbett and U.S. Senate candidate Joe Sestak down against Republican Pat Toomey.

While Obama has lost some of his star power in other parts of the country, his message will be welcomed by Germantown residents Cynthia Lee and Wanda Reaves, who missed his previous appearance.

“The man is doing all he can do,” Lee said.

Reaves added, “It took 12 years to mess it up and he’s doing all he can to clean it up.”

Both Reaves and Lee admitted that they are unfamiliar with Onorato, but that they plan to vote anyway.

“I vote all the time,” said Lee, a poll volunteer.

Obama easily carried Germantown in the presidential election, taking 98 percent of the vote over Sen. John McCain.

“Philadelphia has always been an important city for President Obama,” said Michael Czin, spokesman for the Democratic National Committee. “He had some great stops across the city during the 2008 campaign and has been back many times since becoming elected.”

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