Get free Rita’s Water Ice next week

When is free water ice day at Rita's Water Ice for 2018? | Courtesy of Rita's Italian Ice
Courtesy of Rita’s Italian Ice

Rita’s Water Ice is giving away free water ice next week to celebrate the first day of spring on Tuesday, March 20.

All Rita’s Water Ice locations across the country will be serving up over a million cups of free water ice (called Italian ice everywhere outside of Philadelphia for some weird reason) to their adoring fans.

“We strive to not only serve our guests fresh, delicious Italian Ice, but happiness too,” comments Linda Chadwick, Rita’s President and CEO. “The First Day of Spring, along with a free cup of Rita’s Italian Ice, gives us the perfect opportunity to start the season by bringing a smile to everyone’s face.  Guests begin calling two weeks in advance to ensure they don’t miss the fun.”

There’s more to get excited for this year, as well.

Rita’s is also holding a contest for the “best excuse” to play hooky and stand in line for free Rita’s Water Ice on the first day of spring.

The winner will receive a year’s worth of free water ice from Rita’s as well as a trip for two to Miami.

Another sweet perk, when you get your free water ice this year, you have the option of adding frozen custard on top for just one dollar.


With all this excitement, you’re sure going to need some water ice to cool you down.

To enter the contest, click here.

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