John Bolaris is officially done forecasting weather

John Bolaris is officially done forecasting the weather. | Getty Images
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Remember John Bolaris? He used to be the meteorologist for NBC 10 way back when. Well, according to Philadelphia’s favorite celebrity blogger, HughE Dillon of Philly Chit Chat, Bolaris has officially retired from forecasting the weather.

Bolaris made the announcement on his personal Facebook page today, saying he “no longer has to time to properly analyze, study trends, verify” and “keep glued to the computer.”

Forecasting the weather is a full-time job for sure and one that Bolaris doesn’t pursue professionally anymore, since transitioning to a successful career in Real Estate.

After 28 years of forecasting the weather, he says it’s “time to move on” officially and that it’s a “very sad day” for the former weatherman.

Dillon also reveals on his blog that while Bolaris isn’t on television anymore to tell us how much snow we’re going to get (or not get), he will be back in a different capacity: Bolaris will be starring in a reality competition show about Real Estate on Bravo.

Pretty cool, huh?

You can check out Dillon’s original post here

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