Mike Jerrick gets roasted by John Oliver on ‘Last Week Tonight’

Not everyone was a fan of Mike Jerrick’s approach to International Women’s Day last Thursday, especially host of “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver.

On Sunday night’s show, the English comedian roasted Jerrick in a segment highlighting brands and local news stations that missed the mark in honoring women on March 8.

In the “Good Day” segment last week, Jerrick made more than one faux pas.

As his co-host, Alex Holley sits at her desk with flowers for the holiday, Jerrick says: “What’s the deal? Why do you need your own day?”

Judging by the tone of his voice, it was hard to tell if he was just joking around or legitimately annoyed by International Women’s Day.

Shortly after that, Holley takes a bite from her Pop Tart and Jerrick says, “How do you keep your girlish figure?”

Yikes. Most women have heard that from a co-worker before, but not on live television.

Finally, the most cringeworthy moment was when Mike displays a lifelike doll of Holley on the air, telling viewers to pay careful attention to the mic pack, which is clipped into the doll’s back pocket.

Holley asks, “What do you do with this doll that you have at home?”

Jerrick responds, “I keep it by my bedside so when I wake up in the morning, I can see you.”

Wow. There are no words.

Oliver reacts to the bit by saying, “That is gross.”

He adds, “I feel like we should all take a shower after that but Mike Jerrick would hear that and say, ‘Noice.’”

You can watch the full segment below.

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