Online bullying a disturbing trend

The 13-year-old Mt. Airy boy’s mother fell to her knees and sobbed uncontrollably when she saw the Facebook video of what her son went through in the Edmunds Elementary School playground July 7.

Lured to play with a group of neighborhood kids, they threatened him, then stripped him naked. They recorded it and posted it online, according to court documents his mother read to Metro.
The footage drew hundreds of mocking comments and showed the youth begging for his clothes back as tormenters pulled his legs apart and he struggled to cover himself up.

“Who does this kind of thing?” asked the mother, who didn’t want their names made public. The answer, according to court documents read by the mother, is three 17-year-olds.

Charged with child endangerment and child pornography, each was found guilty on Sept. 7 and sentenced to probation, drug testing and monitoring, according to the mother’s documents.

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