Onorato now on the attack

Trailing in the polls in a race that’s yet to garner much public attention, Democratic gubernatorial nominee Dan Onorato returned to the City Hall Conversation Room yesterday. At a press conference there, he said he’s the candidate with a balancing-budgets track record, while his opponent, Tom Corbett, is “calling for ‘across-the-board’ cuts one minute and proposing millions of dollars in new spending the next.”
He provided numbers claiming that, despite a deficit, Corbett has sought to increase annual the Attorney General’s Office spending by 7.1 percent a year since 2005.

Onorato said since he became Allegheny County executive in 2004, its budget hadn’t increased.

“The state needs to live within its means,” he said, vowing to “never” raise property taxes. Corbett’s “Republican allies are questioning whether he can keep his budget promises. This isn’t political rhetoric. These are facts, and I will continue to talk about the differences between the candidates.”

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