Philly chefs name the best Philly cheesesteaks

Are these the best Philly cheesesteaks? These Philadelphia chefs think so. | Getty Images
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Philly cheesesteaks are a hotly contested topic in Philadelphia. Everyone seems to be pretty particular about where to go, but if you’re in town visiting, perhaps the best people to ask are Philly chefs. Not only do they know this town’s food scene inside and out, they’ve dedicated their lives to creating meals that tantalize your taste buds. Here are the best cheesesteaks in Philadelphia according to Philly chefs.

Manny Perez
Executive sous chef of Walnut Street Cafe

Best cheesesteak? 
Johns’s Roast Pork is my go-to for a great cheesesteak – it’s a great place, always friendly and a fun spot to bring my family.

Favorite toppings?
For my favorite toppings, I go for the standard with mushrooms, onions, jalapeño peppers and provolone cheese.

Mackenzie Hilton
Executive chef of The Vintage Syndicate (Time, Vintage Wine Bar & Bistro, Heritage, Garage Passyunk, Garage Fishtown, Tiki)

Best cheesesteak?
My favorite cheesesteak is at Steve’s Prince of Steaks. I order the American with onions. The bread is great, they don’t chop their meat, the cheese is super melty, and they have a great condiment bar.

Favorite toppings?
My cheesesteak topping choice depends on my mood and where I am. For example, if I go to Tony Luke’s, I’ll order broccoli rabe and provolone, and at Steve’s it’s American, with, but more often than not, I’m a whiz, with kind of girl.

Brett Naylor
Executive chef of Oyster House and partner at Mission Taqueria

Best cheesesteak?
My favorite cheesesteak is the seitan cheesesteak at Blackbird Pizzeria – it’s delicious! The bread they use is great and they make the seitan themselves. It’s flavorful, tender, and vegan.

Favorite toppings?
I like either a plain cheesesteak with just the protein and cheese and some onions or all out with lettuce, tomato, raw onion and mayo.

Jeff Michaud
Co-founder/executive chef of Amici Hospitality (currently includes Osteria)

Best cheesesteak?
My pick is Pat’s King of Steaks because it’s so greasy, you don’t need a drink with it!

Favorite toppings?
When I go for a cheesesteak, it’s always wiz wit!

Mike Loughlin
Executive Chef at Scarpetta

Best cheesesteak?
Dalessandro’s is hands-down the best.  When I was a kid, my grandfather, father, brother and I used to go play golf at Walnut Lane Golf Club, just so we could go to Dalessandro’s after and get a cheesesteak [It was right across the street]. 

Favorite toppings?
I would always order my cheesesteak with American cheese and fried onions along with a big glass of Coke.  To this day, if I want a cheesesteak, I still do the same.

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