Two Pa. state reps, former lovers, happy with 3-year restraining order

Two Pa. state reps, former lovers, happy with 3-year restraining order

Pennsylvania Republican state representative Nick Miccarelli has been in hot water since the Inquirer first reported that two women who formerly dated him accused him of violent behavior.

One woman claimed that he forced her to have sex during their relationship, and, after their breakup, may have drugged her and then performed non-consensual activities. The other claimed he threatened her, pointed a gun at her, and during an argument in his car drove at high speeds while threatening to kill them both. Miccarelli has denied any wrongdoing and stated that he will not resign.

On Thursday, the second alleged victim, who recently identified herself as fellow Republican state rep. Tarah Toohill (R-116th/Luzerne County), obtained a three-year “protection from abuse” order against Miccarelli (R-162nd/Delco). But Miccarelli also declared the hearing a “victory,” since he did not have to admit any wrongdoing, the Delco Daily Times reported, and will continue to be allowed to enter the Capitol building in Harrisburg, albeit without his firearm.

“We are very pleased with the outcome and got everything that we were coming here to do, and we are safer today. And that’s what we were trying to do, is secure our safety. My safety. We are safer today,” Toohill told the Delco Daily Times.

The abuse order was reportedly agreed to during a closed-door mediation, and Miccarelli also said he was happy with the agreement.

“Today’s consent agreement before Judge Jeffrey Smith was a victory for justice and vindication for Rep. Nick Miccarelli,” Miccarelli’s spokesman, Frank Keel, said in statement. “From the outset, Nick has maintained his innocence and today’s mutually agreed upon consent order affirms his innocence, after he was finally afforded an opportunity to present the facts. He looks forward to returning to the state House, resuming his legislative duties, and representing his constituents with the same high level of honor and integrity that have always been his hallmarks.

Toohil has not accused Miccarelli of sexual assault but, in addition to pointing a gun at her, hitting her and threatening to kill them both, while driving claimed he has engaged in harassing and stalking behavior at the Capitol and threatened to blackmail her by releasing private photographs.

The other victim, an unidentified political consultant, claimed that Miccarelli forced her to have sex while they were dating, and while she was visiting him after breaking up, claims he may have drugged her and then while she was unconscious initiated alleged “non-consensual sexual behavior.”

In court papers filed ahead of the protection from abuse hearing, Miccarelli’s lawyer claimed Toohill’s claims “are solely the vengeful words of a former lover with an agenda,” Pennlive reported. “[Miccarelli] is a respected politician whose reputation is being slandered by an ex-girlfriend who inaccurately believes Miccarelli was responsible for disseminating a YouTube video showing Toohil with drug paraphernalia and kissing another woman.”

The results of an investigation by state legislators was recently concluded and handed over to the Dauphin County District Attorney for further review.

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