You’re running out of time to try the original Pizzeria Beddia

You're running out of time to try the original Pizzeria Beddia. | Arielle Horneck
Arielle Horneck

Pizzeria Beddia is closing at the end of the month, in case you didn’t know. After Bon Appetit editor Andrew Knowlton called the pizza here, “the best pizza in America” and owner, Joe Beddia, “a pizza saint,” the already popular pie joint got even more popular, overwhelming its two employees.

“I’d say the hype is real,” says Pizzeria Beddia fan Arielle Horneck. “Joe Beddia is a pizza god and I can’t wait to see all his future successes.”

You won’t find a phone number for the original Pizzeria Beddia and there’s only enough dough to make 40 pies a day.

According to Bon Appetit, it’s all Beddia “can manage without killing himself.”

So if you want to get a pie, the only way to do it is to wait in line, which has gotten MUCH longer in recent days.

Beddia shocked Philly foodies when he announced back in February that he’d be closing the original shop at the end of March, to have some time to rest before opening a larger pizzeria in Fishtown later in 2018.

With two weeks left to try pizza from the original Pizzeria Beddia, the lines at the tiny shop have been enormous.

Billy Penn reports that people start lining up at 1 p.m. at the tiny shop now, for a pizza they won’t get until 5:30 p.m.

That’s love.

As far as the new shop is concerned, Beddia says on Instagram that,“We all know it’s not going to be as good,” and, ever the humble pizza genius, “ I mean, it’s not really that good now, it’s just all hype.”

Keepin’ it real.

So have you tried Pizzeria Beddia? Going to make the attempt? There’re only a couple hundred pies left and counting, people. Better hurry.

Pizzeria Beddia is located at 115 E. Girard Ave. 

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