Can Ben Simmons, Markelle Fultz play together? Looking at the evidence

Can Ben Simmons, Markelle Fultz play together? Looking at the evidence

Sixers’ rookie point guards Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz — the last two No. 1 overall picks in NBA Drafts — suited up for their first NBA (preseason) game Wednesday and were on the floor together for 10:18 of clock time.

Which also means that for another 10 minutes or so, the Sixers went with just one or the other.

In a tune up game that had an ugly result, and a game that saw the team sit out several key players like Joel Embiid and Dario Saric, it’s hard to really judge. But looking at those 10 minutes, sparks flew.

From alley opps to back-door passes, Fultz appeared to yield to Simmons, who brought the ball up the court and started the offense. 

Fultz played point guard at Washington and in high school, and isn’t exactly an NBA combo-guard. Though he’ll guard the opposing team’s point guard on defense he will have to learn how to play at the 2-guard and further his ability to shoot from the perimeter and midtange. 

“I think I will be comfortable with it,” Fultz said last week at Sixers Media Day of playing with Simmons. “My main goal is to do whatever I can to help the team win, and if that is me playing on or off the ball I am going to do it.”

Fultz’ shooting will need to be much better than the 2-for-13 performance he posted in 22 minutes Wednesday. But as far as chemistry, the makings are there for the duo to work well together. 

It starts off the floor.

“He’s a great player, a good friend,” Simmons said. ” I think that’s going to play a big role in this team’s success, as long as you’re cool off the court when you’re on the court the gel happens​.”

The Sixers are back in action for Preseason Game 2 Friday against the Celtics. Fultz is listed as probable with a minor shoulder injury after sitting out practice Thursday.

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