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Hydrate IV Therapy & Wellness was born from a passion for health

Physical health and wellness is made easy at the new Sewell location of Hydrate IV Therapy & Wellness—and it was spearheaded by someone who knows just how important rest and recovery is in life. 

Former NBA star and South Jersey native Jason Thompson was looking for ways to do something important that could help his community after basketball, and that opportunity came when he linked up with LaNette Keeton, who specializes in IV therapy and fusions.

“My mother has been in the medical field since I was born, and [I] was always inspired by the way she could heal and help others,” Thompson explains when asked about how this idea for the venue came to be. “My Co-CEO LaNette Keeton has been in the medical field as well, so we’ve had conversations about the success she’s had with these types of businesses in Arizona, and she brought it to my attention that she would like to bring one to New Jersey.”

Jason ThompsonHydrate IV Therapy & Wellness

Thompson also notes that he thought it was a great idea because it has to deal with both the medical field and the athletic field— and by joining those two concepts together, they could make their company a success.

“Overall, I really feel like our services are for everyone. We all need to take care of our bodies and this is an easy and effective way to do so,” he explains. “Our services will be really beneficial for patients that are about to receive or just received surgery. We can help with the healing process using our services that can assist the body in recovery.”

Another demographic that will see benefits from Hydrate IV Therapy & Wellness is active athletes— whether they’re in high school, college, or the professional leagues. 

“I got introduced to hydration and IV therapy when I was a professional basketball player. I had a bunch of games in a short amount of time and utilizing these kinds of services allowed me to perform my best during each game and supply my body with everything it needed to recover,” adds Thompson.

Those with allergies are also in luck here. Some of the offerings at the venue might be exactly what they are looking for to lessen their symptoms, according to Thompson. The business has a specific IV Drip for allergies, which reportedly has the potential to replace other forms of medicine that fight them off.

Hydrate IV Therapy & Wellness is not a brand new concept, but it is unique in Thompson’s eyes. 

“You have two different CEOs from different perspectives; you have one that’s in the medical field and one that is a professional athlete,” he explains. 

Hydrate IV Therapy & Wellness

“The blend of the two really makes for a unique experience. Also, this isn’t something that we’re doing just to do. We have a certain passion [for] it, and we really want people to feel better when they come into our center. We also strive to have that family-type atmosphere. We want the environment at Hydrate IV Therapy & Wellness to be very comforting — like you belong there.”

The former athlete cites their Myer’s Plus Cocktail IV Drip (made with magnesium, B12, Vitamin C, B-Complex, and calcium) as his favorite, mainly for its effects on energy and focus. It’s also the combo that first-timers might like to try to get a good understanding of the different levels of vitamins and nutrients that their bodies are in need of, Thompson notes. 

Along with NAD therapy, wellness testing, and aesthetic services, Hydrate also offers 15+ Vitamin Drips and 6 types of Vitamin Shots that help with illness recovery, hydration, stress relief, hangovers and much more. While here, Philadelphians can also find Mobile IV Therapy, Iron Infusion Therapy, High Dose Vitamin C Drips, and Skin Therapy, according to a release. 

There are a few different ways to experience the services as well, including through a VIP membership. 

“With the VIP membership, you’ll have the opportunity to receive discounts and a free B12 shot each month. We want to ensure that the more consistently you come, the more benefits you receive for both your health and your wallet. We want our patients to feel like they are a part of the family, which is why we offer the VIP membership. If you become a VIP member, we’ll make it beneficial,” Thompson notes.

As stated before, Hydrate is just about 15 minutes over the Walt Whitman Bridge in Washington Township. 

“It’s definitely worth the trip to come recover, repair, and rejuvenate at our center,” Thompson finishes. “Soon, we’ll be offering mobile services, so we’ll be able to go to people’s homes, schools, and jobs. When you book a mobile appointment, you’ll get all the information you need; you’ll know the nurse that will be coming to you and you’ll also be able to see how long it will take for us to come to your location. We’ll make it a very comfortable experience.”

For more information on Hydrate IV Therapy & Wellness (508 Hurffville – Cross Keys Rd, #16, Sewell, New Jersey) and their services, visit their website at Or, follow Hydrate IV on Instagram @hydrateivnj, Twitter @hydrateivnj, and FaceBook.


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