#Philly blocked from Instagram due to pornographic content

Saw a gorgeous sunset in Philly that you’re hoping to share with the world at large via Instagram?

If you tag it #Philly,it will not currently appear for users who click that tag, as recent posts tagged #Philly have been blocked due to repeated violation of Instagram guidelines, the app said in a message posted online.

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That hashtag was blocked from “recent posts” after Instagram discovered the tagwas consistently being used to share nudity and pornographic content, the company confirmed via email.

Hashtags are only blocked from Instagram when they are being used consistently for content that violates the app’s community guidelines.

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Top posts under the #Philly tag are still visible, just not the live updated stream of new #Philly-tagged posts.

What this means for the city’s reputation at large remains to be seen.

It’s yet another black eye for a city that has seen its reputation dogged by the storiesof a man throwing up on a little girl at a Phillies game, Phillies fans throwing snowballs at Santa and the destruction ofthe lovable hitch-hiking robot”Hitchbot.”