Philly man gored in Spain during ‘running of the bulls’

Philly man gored in Spain during ‘running of the bulls’

A Philadelphia man was among several injured by bulls over the weekend in Spain.

Four people were gored by bulls during the San Fermin festival in Pamplona, Spain, which involves the famous weeklong ‘Running of the BUlls’ event, NBC reported.

Five others sustained injuries ranging from a broken collarbone to sprains and bruises.

The Philly man, 34, was only identified by his initials, J.N.O. He reportedly was gored twice by the bull, sustaining injuries to the back of his knee and near his anus.

Another American, 20, was also gored but suffered less serious injuries, reports say.

The run goes from a holding pen on the edge of Pamplona to the central bullring where the bulls participate in traditional bullfights with matadors.

Five bulls took part in the 850-meter run along the cobblestone streets of the city.

In a rare occurrence, the sixth bull, Curioso, turned back into his pen rather than participate, reports say