Recalling the 4 worst Philadelphia sports teams in history

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The Phillies were expected to bad this season, however no one expected the season to be this catastrophic. Their record, as of the All-Star break, looks like it will be able tocompete for the title of worst season in the franchise’s history.

Unfortunately in Philadelphia, losing seasons are familiar around here. Now that we are in the midst of not justthe Phillies miserable run, but also the 76ers never-ending rebuild, here is a list of the worst seasons for each of the four major sports teams in the city:

Philadelphia Eagles 1998 (3-13)

Andy Reid and the dream team come in second by pumping out one more win than Ray Rhodes’ final season at the helm of the Birds. QuarterbackBobby Hoying set an NFL record for most passes in a season without throwing a touchdown, and their three wins came by a combined total of nine points.

Philadelphia Flyers 2006-2007 (22-48-12)

The Flyers missed the playoffs for the first time since 1994 and only won a disappointing 10 games at home. The numbers spoke for themselves as they dropped 45 points from the previous season of 101. A 2-38-5 record when trailing after two periods proved this team just didn’t have the fight we saw years after.

Philadelphia Phillies 1942 (42-109)

From 1941-1948 the Phightins were bad, really bad. But it was the 1942 seasonthat stuck out the most. Due to a loss of players because of World War II, the Phils churned out a .278 winning percentage. A number you will probably never hear again with 162 game seasons.

Philadelphia 76ers 1972-1973 (9-73)

It’s hard to imagine a Sixers team worse than what we’ve seen over the past few seasons but the 1972-1973 Sixers did just that. During the era in between Wilt Chamberlain and Julius Erving, the Sixers fired legendary coach Jack Ramsay before the season which turned out to be a crucial mistake as someRoy Rubin stepped in and led the team to a 4-47 start before being fired. This was during a time where tanking was a phrase used only during war.

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