Swim coach admits pressuring student for sex

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A former high school swim coach and counselor has admitted to attempting to pressure a student into a sexual relationship in exchange for helping him get into Harvard University.

Emily Feeney, 41, was sentenced in Chester County Court on Monday to five years of probation and to register for 15 years as a sex offender, Philly.com reported, based on her admission that she attempted to coerce a student into a sexual relationship.

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Feeney, hired in 2013 at Malvern Prep High School where she was the director of college counseling and a swim coach, tried to seduce the then-16-year-old student starting in May 2014 by allegedly kissing him and sending sexual texts and emails that included photos of herself undressed, according to Philly.com.

A search warrant recovered hundreds of emails, investigators said to ABC, adding that Feeney sent messages from her Malvern Prep email account.

When her teenage target rejected Feeney’s advances, she continued her pursuit nevertheless, saying that she could get him into Harvard University based on her connections, ABC stated.

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After forwarding the student an email indicating that he was being considered by Harvard, according to Philly.com, Feeney allegedly wrote an additional message: “You…owe me big time. And no high fives.”

Feeney was quoted by Philly.com, saying in court on Monday that her behavior “was a huge mistake and unlawful.”