VIDEO: Driver’s dashcam captures wild beating and robbery

Wild surveillance video shows adriver in Northeast Philly getting beaten up and robbed while he was sitting in his car after being involved in a collision.

Philly police released video of the incident, recorded by the victim’s dashboard camera,onMondayin a bid to identify the suspect.

The victim, 25, was involved in an auto accidenton the 200 block of West Tioga Street.

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“While sitting inside his vehicle, he was approached by an unknown black male who began punching the complainant in his face, taking his iPhone 6 and tablet,” a police report stated.

The victim was pummeled mercilessly while his possessions were taken, before other bystanders approached the car and opened the door to try and chase off the suspect.

Even Fido got in on the action, with one woman leading her dog, which jumped into the car and chased the suspect as he slithered out of the car and fled on foot.

The incident occurred at 10:52 a.m. on Dec. 4, but police are just now releasing the video as East Detectives continues to investigate the crime.

The suspect is described as a black male, about 30 yearsold, with abeard, and he was last seen wearing a green jacket and blue jeans.

Tipsters are being asked to callEast Detectives at 215-686-3243/3244.

Watch the video below.