VIDEO: Two-alarm blaze destroys century-old country club

VIDEO: Two-alarm blaze destroys century-old country club
Courtesy of Brian Sullivan

Dramatic video shot by a volunteer firefighter captured the destruction of a landmarkcountry club in Montgomery County over the weekend.

Lulu Country Club in Glenside, Pa., was built in 1927, but it was burnt to the ground in less than a day.

Putting the two-alarm fire out required more than 100 firefighters from the region, and proved difficult because no fire hydrants were available on the premises, said Roslyn Fire Department volunteer firefighter Brian Sullivan, who shoots video for the department.

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“When I arrived on the scene, it was pretty much a goner,” Sullivan said of the country club, which burned down on Sunday.”We were 100 or200 feet back from the collapse zone …and you could feel the heat almost as if it was a bonfire.”

The area around the country clubwas covered with golf courses where fire trucks couldn’t travel or they “would have sunk or flipped over,” Sullivan said.

“We had to get really creative with aerial placement. which involved cutting down some trees,” he said.

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The age of the structure likely contributed to fueling the fire, Sullivan said.

“Looking at the way it was burning, the whole place was not built of steel beams,” he said. “Generally it’s what we see in really old construction that was built from stone and straight wood.”

Sullivan is a trained volunteer firefighter, but provides media servicesat blazes to record fire department operations for educational and review purposes for firefighters, he said. He is also working on “Behind the Bay Doors,” a documentary about the lives of firefighters.

Watch video of the Lulu Country Club blaze below.

Lulu Country Club / 2-Alarm Structure Fire from Brian Sullivan on Vimeo.