Watch man riding big wheel dodge cars on Philly highway

Watch man riding big wheel dodge cars on Philly highway
YouTube/David Cohen

Gas, insurance, car payments — they’re all expensive. Even a decent bicyclecould set you back a few hundred bucks.

Apparently oneman, refusing to use public transportation, found a cheaper option to navigate his way around Philly — by riding a big-wheel.

And he decided to ride it down Philly’s Roosevelt Boulevard. A video showing the daring (or stupid) choice of transportation was put up by Meanwhile in Philly on Facebook Monday.

In the video, the man weaves in and out of traffic in what looks like a grown-up version of the childhood toy, and at one point nearly gets run over by an SUV.

Commenters on Facebookexpressed everything from humor to anger at the situation.

“When I saw this, this morning I screamed only in the City of Brotherly Love. That you could possibly get away with this, lol.”

According to NBC10, the man was caught riding down Roosevelt Boulevard Sunday. Police are investigating the incident, but no charges have been filed yet.

Warning: Video has graphic language.

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