Why Your CBD Dosage Matters (And The Price Too)

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Your CBD dosage matters – and so does the price. Learn what your CBD dosage can do for you. 

When you purchase a CBD product, you need to understand the terms on the label. You may see full spectrum or broad spectrum near the product’s name. You might see a number of CBD milligrams per container and/or per serving. You might also see similar numbers for THC. All of these numbers are important in determining your CBD dosage.

Let’s start with the spectrums. Full spectrum CBD has many compounds from the hemp plant, including trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3%) while broad spectrum CBD products also have supportive hemp compounds but no detectable THC. Many people feel stronger effects from that little bit of THC, but if you’re avoiding THC you can still benefit from a broad spectrum product. 

Next you have your strength, which is the amount of CBD in the bottle. This is measured in milligrams (mg). Let’s not forget the serving size, which varies depending on the type of product. For example, a serving size of CBD gummies may be one gummy, but a serving size of CBD oil tincture may be 1 mL. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a scientist to figure out the dosage of your CBD product. All you have to do is divide the strength by the number of servings in the bottle and you will get your dosage. The higher the dosage, the higher the potency. 

Why Use High Potency CBD?

High potency CBD products increase the percentage of beneficial ingredients your body will absorb, allowing more CBD to enter your bloodstream. More is better for maximizing the functionality of CBD. This includes sleep, calm, exercise recovery, and more. While the exact amount you need varies from person to person, most adults do well with 200 mg a day as a baseline. 

CBD products traditionally came in fairly low strengths, but as we learn more about the benefits of higher dosage, higher potencies are becoming available. Industry leader cbdMD has just launched a selection of products with 6000 mg of CBD per bottle at affordable prices. Best of all, the 6000 mg per bottle comes in both full spectrum (like calm gummies and ​softgels) and broad spectrum (like their original CBD oil). 

Are High Potency Products Expensive? 

Because CBD has been a hot commodity the last few years, it is common to assume the higher the dosage the more expensive the price. That’s often true, but the number to watch in CBD cost calculations is price per milligram. A $100 bottle of CBD oil that has 6000 mg has a lower price per milligram than a $50 bottle with 1000 mg, because it costs twice as much but has six times the CBD. So if you take the same daily dosage of each, the 6000 mg bottle will last you six times as long.

Better yet, as the supply of hemp has ramped up in the last few years, it’s become cheaper for CBD companies to increase the strength of their products. That’s why cbdMD’s new 6000 mg products cost much less than the competition, to reflect that new reality. 

So head on over to cbdMD.com and check out their high potency CBD products, as well as their newly expanded selection of full spectrum CBD for sleep. You’ll find the best CBD dosage for you at a price you can afford!