Women stand up to Trump with ‘Pussyhats’

Women stand up to Trump with ‘Pussyhats’
Charles Mostoller

Feminists offended byDonald Trump’s 2005 statement about groping women aren’t taking it quietly.

They’re turning to knitting needles and looms to throw President-elect Donald Trump’s words back in his face in an inventive protest, bycreating pink “pussyhats” to wear during the Women’s March on Washington.

“I’m delighted to participate in a sea of people visually shouting pink pussy at him,” said Leslie Sudock, owner of Ready to Hand: Saori Philadelphia, a textile studio in South Philadelphia. “There will be thousands and thousands of women and men screaming the word pussy at him, reflecting back at him words that he uttered.”

Sudock has been weaving pussyhats in preparation for her trip to the nation’s capital to participate in the Women’s March on Saturday.

The Pussyhat Project is based on a design by Kat Coyle, a knitter based outside Los Angeles, for a simple pink hat with little cat ears.

“It says, ‘Here’s the pussy,’” Sudock explained. “Here is your country, the 50 percent of your country that you’re prepared to call pussy.”

Organizers called on volunteers to knit more than a million pussyhats and distribute them to women at the march, andSudock will be bringingextras to distribute toother women when she gets to Washington.

The project was inspired by widespread outrage at Trump for his 2005 comments and other remarks, as well as accusations of sexual assault against him made by various women.

“I’m outraged that I have a president who … would eversay things that I heard him say,” Sudock declared.

Sudock, 60, said she expects women to face serious struggles under the new president.

“It’s unfortunate we’re going to have to defend the opportunities we’ve taken for granted for 20 years,” she said.