4 ways to detox the DNC

Philly made history at the 2016 Democratic National Convention last week when Hillary Clinton became the first female major party presidential nominee ever. Those four action-packed days were a whirlwind of political fervor, schmoozing, exclusive parties or just late-night speech watching with too many glasses of wine. Adrenaline running high, you barely slept and your diet consisted primarily of Philly pretzels, granola bars, finger food and alcohol. But now here you are — sluggish, bloated and chock-full of toxins. Desperate for a tune-up? Here are four ways you can detox in the City of Brotherly Love.

Bikram Philadelphia
1520 Sansom St.

Sometimes you just need to sweat it all out — the martinis, the waffle fries, the bad decisions.
While a 90-minute hot yoga session may seem intense for a newbie, you can have some fun with your first time in the “hot box” with Bikram Beats. The monthly class runs through the 26-posture series to the tune of a customized playlist every second Friday of the month. The next one will be on Aug. 12 so be sure to sign up in advance.

Sip-N-Glo Juicery
257 S. 20th St.

Looking for a post hot yoga pick-me-up? Stroll down to Sip-N-Glo Juicery for their all-natural, fresh juice selections. The Charcoal Pineapple Lemon-aid features activated charcoal which helps guide toxins out of your body. The Radiant Glo will also help put the pep back in your step with fresh turmeric and pineapple — key ingredients in reducing inflammation. Instead of going for happy hour after work, maybe you should make it a “happier” hour with a juice instead!

Spa Terme di Aroma
32 N. Third St.

You’ll feel a thousand times more relaxed simply by walking into this urban spa escape — greeted by a miniature forest of foliage, the scent of lemongrass in the air and the sound of cascading water. Through the end of August, Spa Terme di Aroma is offering a Summer Retreat Spa Package which includes a one-hour aromatherapy massage and a half-hour aromatic scalp treatment, which helps relieve tension in the scalp, face and neck.

Flotation Philly
534 E. Girard Ave.

If you have trouble letting go of the horrors of Trump becoming the next president, spending time in a sensory deprivation tank at Flotation Philly is a must. Guests are submerged into a heated 9-foot-long float tank containing a concentrated epsom salt bath, 10-inches deep. Removed from light, sound and gravity, this is quite possibly the deepest sense of peace you’ll experience, with all pressure being removed from your muscles and joints. What’s more, lactic acid, adrenaline and cortisone are flushed from your body during the process, making this a great addition to your sports recovery regimen — if you play those.