5 Numbers to know about Eagles’ (thus-far) prolific offense

Carson Wentz is Eagles leading rusher, most frequently hit QB in NFL

The Eagles’ offense was hyped as potentially one of the most improved unites in football heading into 2017 after an action-packed offseason. But you know what happens with hyped offenses.

The 2011 Eagles “Dream Team,” and Chip Kelly’s fast-paced offense each fell well short of expectations — and this year’s squad held possible let-down criteria as well.

But so far, the offense has been shockingly productive and is in the top one or two in several key categories, thanks in large part to a run game that has produced 193 and 241 yards respectively in back-to-back wins.

“It’s been a combination of great game planning by [Offensive line] Coach [Jeff] Stoutland, the desire and the will and the want to by the offensive line,” head coach Doug Pederson said. “With tight ends and quarterback, Carson [Wentz] being a part of that. And then just execution on game day. And it’s just all combinations of that.”

Ahead of what could be another win this coming Sunday at home against Arizona, here are five stats about Philly’s offense you should know about:

392.5 — The Eagles are averaging the second most yards per game in the entire NFL. Their 572 rushing yards in four games is the second most in the league as well.

8 — With eight consecutive games with 20 or more points stretching back to 2016, the Eagles have the longest active streak in football.

24 — A true West Coast offense, the Eagles move the ball down the field deliberately and systemically, as demonstraited by their 24 first downs per game, second in the NFL behind New England.

35:28 — And that West Coast style translates into a dominant time of possession advantage. The Eagles have the ball more than any other NFL team.

50.85% — On third down, only the Packers (by seven hundreths of a percent) are better, helping the Eagles to stay on the field and let their injury-riddled defense rest. 

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