5 things to eat at the Linc, Wells Fargo Center and Xfinity Live

5 things to eat at the Linc, Wells Fargo Center and Xfinity Live
Erika Studer

Remember when going to the game meant greasy, fatty, generic food that had a 50-50 chance of making you feel some serious culinary regret? A food revolution,in both the stadium complex and the surrounding area,offers Eagles, Flyers and Sixers fans the opportunity to treat their taste buds like champions this season — even if their teams aren’t playing like ones.

Here’s a look at five fantastic bites to get your hands on before, at or after the game.

1. Chipotle mac and cheese

Quick and Carmichael’s BBQ, Lincoln Financial Field

Named for two Eagles legends, this spot grills up barbecue that rivals any tailgate on South Broad, and then some. Go for the smoky mac and cheese, covered in Cool Ranch Doritos instead of breadcrumbs to provide that crunch, along with black-cherry-smoked pulled pork or maple-sugar-smoked chicken.

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2.Roast porksandwich

Talk of the Town Cheesesteaks, 3020 S. Broad St.

You’ve probably passed it (it’s right under the I-76 overpass) and thought, “I bet that place is good.” Well, you’re right. But don’t be afraid to stray from cheesesteak convention. The roast pork — with the traditional broccoli rabe and provolone — is so good you’ll want to bottle the pork juice and drink it.

3. Waffles

Waffle Cabin, Wells Fargo Center

Made with pearl sugar, waffles at the new Waffle Cabin — located in section 105 — are a tempting crossbreed: They taste like the fluffy breakfast staple mixed with a delicious glazed doughnut. As a sweet snack or dessert it’s perfection, and worth waiting in line for between periods at Flyers games.

4. Chicken or beef tacos

1100 Social, Xfinity Live

Xfinity Live just got an upgrade with the addition of 1100 Social from former “Top Chef” contestant Jason Cichonski (Ela, The Gaslight). We recommend the tacos: homemade tortillas with slow-cooked meat and your choice of toppings. The trendy eatery might sound out of place in Xfinity Live, but once you dig in, it feels right at home.

5.Crab fries

Chickie’s and Pete’s, various locations

Yes, we know, it’s pretty cliche — Chickie’s and Pete’s is on everyone’s list. But nothing is better during the game than crab fries, especially when they’re piping hot on a cold December day. This South Philly staple is available at all four stadiums as well as the flagship store a few blocks north on Broad Street.