5 tips for buying Valentine’s Day jewelry

If you have lofty aspirations for Valentine’s Day this year and want to go the extra mile for the lady in your life, jewelry is a memorable (and sparkly!) way to go. Never walked into a jewelry store before? Not to worry. Bernie Robbins owner Harvey Rovinksy offers some basic tips for picking the perfect gift as well as getting an accurate fit.

1.To ensure you buy something she’ll love, ask questions.

Take notice of what the lady in your life likes to wear in terms of fashion. Does she tend to gravitate towards more simple pieces? Does she prefer silver to gold? “We teach our people to be inquisitive,” Rovinsky notes. “What you decide will also depend on the stage of the relationship.”

2.A bracelet or necklace is more appropriate if it’s a relatively new relationship.

While putting a ring on it is a great gesture for couples that have been together long-term, if you’ve been dating a year or less, a necklace or bracelet is more appropriate. “Any kind of a ring indicates more of a commitment,” Rovinsky says.

3.When putting a ring on it, bring in a ring she already has for correct sizing.

Putting a string around her finger while she’s sleeping doesn’t work, Rovinsky reveals: “Aside from sneaking a ring and bringing it to the jeweler to measure, no other way is really accurate.”

4.Diamonds are always in fashion.

Can’t decide on a stone? Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend and always en vogue. “If you’re ever stuck, just pick diamonds and you’ll be golden,” Rovinsky adds.

5.Go for the real thing.

While synthetic diamonds may be cheaper and look pretty much the same as natural ones, Rovinsky advises against buying them: “Synthetic diamonds would be a depreciating asset, whereas real diamonds have a potential increase in value.”

So what kind of jewelry will you be buying your significant other this Valentine’s Day? Tell us in the comments below.

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