6 shows to binge watch on Netflix

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Stuck at home and need something new to watch? Don’t worry, Metro and Netflix have you covered.

Altered Carbon

This show is definitely one that can help keep your mind pre-occupied for several hours. In ‘Altered Carbon,’ viewers can take a peek into a society that is transformed by technology where nothing is really what it seems. An interstellar group of elite warriors led by Takeshi Kovacs (Anthony Mackie) lead the story along in this Sci-Fi thriller. The second season of this exhilarating show recently dropped, and it’s the perfect time to sit back and delve into the eclectic and enchanting world that Altered Carbon has built.

Seasons: 2

ALTERED CARBON Courtesy of Netflix


The critically-acclaimed drama is set to drop its third season later this month, making now the opportune time to catch up on this highly exhilarating story. ‘Ozark’ follows Marty Bird (Jason Bateman) who got in a bit over his head laundering money for a drug cartel, and when things go south (which happens fast) Marty must move his family to the Ozarks in Missouri to save their lives. What he doesn’t expect however, is the fact that the residents down in the Ozarks may be just as dangerous as his boss or that his family isn’t as wholesome as he once thought.

Seasons: 2 (Season 3 comes out March 27)

I Am Not Okay With This

Do you love teenage angst, coming of age tales and super-powered spectacles all in one? Well look no further, Netflix’s new show ‘I Am Not Okay With This’ has all of that and more, and is the perfect binge length if you can’t commit to an intensely long show at the moment (there is only one season.) The show follows Sydney (Sophia Lillis) dealing with the normal stresses of teenage life (budding sexuality, family woes and awkward moments) but then discovers her frustrations are actually fueling superpowers—and they keep getting stronger and stronger.

Seasons: 1

I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS Courtesy of Netflix

Grace and Frankie

If you need a good laugh (which we all could right now), look no further than Netflix’s hit show “Grace and Frankie,” starring the powerhouse duo that is Jane Fonda and Lilly Tomlin. After finding out their husbands are not only gay but also in a full-on relationship, both Grace and Frankie (Fonda and Tomlin) must re-adjust their lives completely. Although the two start off the series at odds, they eventually realize life is better together—or not, but either way, the antics that ensue are totally worth watching.

Seasons: 6

Grace And Frankie Courtesy of Netflix

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 

Many have heard of the classic story of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, but it’s never been told quite like this before. Set in the same universe at ‘Riverdale,’ ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ follows Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka) as she must make a choice—to follow the path of darkness with the rest of her family and witch coven, or to stay true to the light with her mortal friends. After her choice is made, chaos ensues and the only thing more entertaining than the dark undertones to this classic story are the magnificent spells that entrance viewers each and every episode.

Seasons: 3



GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) is one of the shows that just keeps getting better and better, making it completely ideal to binge-watch while being stuck on the couch. ‘Glow’ follows the hilarious plights of a group of women who enter into the world of women’s wrestling led by wannabe-actress Ruth Wilder (Alison Brie). The show is always high-energy, and being set in the 80s, features a ton of bright colors and even brighter personalities.

Seasons: 3 

GLOW Courtesy of Netflix

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