‘A Golden Girls Murder Mystery’ comes to Craft Hall

A Golden Girls Murder Mystery
A Golden Girls Murder Mystery: The Curse of Jessica Fletcher
Without A Cue Productions

A three-course meal with a side of mystery? That’s exactly what Without A Cue Productions—the performance company specializing in murder mystery dinners—puts on the menu. 

Last year, the unique event company made its move to the city, and they’ve advanced what they offer with ‘A Golden Girls Murder Mystery: The Curse of Jessica Fletcher’—which opens this weekend at Craft Hall. Along with the characters of ‘The Golden Girls,’ those who head to the new production will also be treated to a three-course themed dinner and three distinct cocktails. It all happens during an hour and a half performance where audience members get to play detective as the Without A Cue Golden Girls mingle with the audience.

“Dorothy’s sarcasm will have your sides splitting, Rose will have you bent over in laughter, Blanche’s sultry antics will have you laughing so hard tears will come to your eyes, and Sophia will just kill,” said Without a Cue Productions’ Founder and Executive Director Traci Connaughton in a statement. “Listen closely, gather the clues, and try to deduce who the killer is and win the prize… but most importantly, be entertained.”

A Golden Girls Murder Mystery
Without A Cue Productions

The show has a Philly tie, being directed by City of Brotherly Love native David Micun, and the rotating cast includes several native performers including Micun, Monica Fotusky, Kevin Hughes, Will Maloney, Debbie Bello, Dana Corvino, Libby Ross, Carolyn Dixon, Leta Gilbert and others to be announced. ‘A Golden Girls Mystery’ was also written by John Logue.

Food and drink play a central role to this experience, and the first course includes Italian treats from Sophia and Dorothy in the form of an antipasto salad with (focaccia crisp, marinated salami, mozzarella, olives and chickpeas,) and a Limoncello shot to be served on the side. The second course from Blanche gives you a “Taste of the South.” That includes a combination of rum, Southern Comfort, pineapple juice, orange juice, and a squeeze of lime, while the dish includes a BBQ chicken salad accompanied by pepper jam, dill pickles and bacon. 

The third and final addition to dinner comes from Rose, and will feature fresh lemonade spiked with raspberry vodka and raspberry liqueur, plus cheesecake cups with strawberries and a graham cracker crumble. 

Audience members can get the meals as is, or note any dietary issues. Vegetarian options are also available. Cocktails are also available in a mocktail version upon request. 

Without a Cue Productions has selected Women’s History Month to launch ‘A Golden Girls Murder Mystery.’ As a female-owned business centered out of Bucks County, they have been in operation for more than two decades. Additionally, March was the perfect time to bring this heavily female-centric show to showcase some sisterly love. 

In its time out of the city, the ‘Golden Girls Murder Mystery’ has sold out already to thousands of audience members, and when it opens this weekend it will mark the first time Without a Cue will bring a long-running stage show to the Philadelphia market. Previous endeavors have featured walking mysteries in Old City over last summer. The theatre company is also seeking a permanent home in the city and will join the line-up for Philly Theatre Week, Philly Gay Pride Month and other coming festivals and celebrations. 

A Golden Girls Murder Mystery
Without A Cue Productions

“I am excited to head into spring and summer with shows and walking experiences coming to Philadelphia, Bucks County and Cape May,” continued Connaughton in a statement. “We are also in talks for a new home in the city for shows and performances, plus new venues in Chester County, Atlantic City and Bucks County. We are on the move, pivoting the best we can, and my goal is to support dozens of actors and crew members as we get back to doing what we love the most. Philadelphia, thank you for being a friend. We are thrilled to expand and we can’t wait to meet everyone and get involved in the city’s theatre and entertainment community.” 

Tickets are on sale now and include the experience, food and three cocktails. As a tribute to Betty White, a portion of ticket sales at Craft Hall (901 N Delaware Ave.) will be donated to Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society. 

For more information on ‘A Golden Girls Murder Mystery’ and tickets, visit withoutacue.com/goldengirls

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