Accused gunman Maurice Hill facing additional charges

maurice hill
Maurice Hill

Municipal Court Judge Karen Y. Simmons held Maurice Hill for trial Thursday for additional charges.

It was reported that Hill will be facing additional charges that were filed by Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner. The charges include 22 counts of attempted murder. reported that Judge Simmons dismissed a couple of attempted murder charges in favor of lower charges, including reckless endangerment. It was reported that Hill will be facing another round of possible counts and charges at his third preliminary hearing, scheduled for April.

On Thursday, officers testified about the unfolding of events during the Aug. 14 standoff. No one died during the incident, but many officers were injured.

Last summer, Hill surrendered to police after a seven and a half-hour standoff in the Tioga section of Philly. The incident took place on a rowhouse within 3700 block of North 15th Street. The incident stemmed from a botched drug raid, outlets report. reports that Gregory Creachen, a responding officer, testified Thursday. Creachen said that bullets fired from home narrowly avoided his head, and he ducked behind a parked car.

SEPTA Officer Andrew Schermerhorn said that himself and the others were preparing to enter the house via the basement door, shots were fried from overhead, and the glass fell to the ground.

Another officer, Alex Nicholson, said during the incident that he and a colleague went to a nearby house to scout the situation, reports. As Nicholson tried to find a spot to get settled, a colleague pulled him to the ground, and shots were fired through the window.

Police report that Hill allegedly shot six officers and fired his weapon at many more. After the standoff, he was treated at Temple University Hospital. reports that over 15 Philadelphia police officers testified about the standoff. The standoff is the largest police shooting in modern Philadelphia history.

Prior to the additional charges, after the hearing in December, Hill was being held for trial on 11 counts of attempted murder and related crimes.

Simmons said that she will allow Hill to request a transfer to the Delaware County facility. He will wait there for his next court appearance in April.