Adopt a free feline from PSPCA in honor of National Cat Day

National Cat Day is this Thursday and what better way to celebrate then to take home a new feline friend.

If you live in the Philadelphia area, head on over to the PennsylvaniaSPCA, where for the rest of the week you can adopt a free adult cat (more than 6 months old).

One of the cute creatures that you can take home is Scoop.Though his black coat may seem scary, considering Halloween is only days away, heis one of the friendliest cats at the shelter, according to the PSPCA.Scoop does need to be on a special diet for digestive issues, and his food will cost approximately $60 per month, but he has many great qualities.

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“He loves attention and affection. Scoop will lean in for pets and also will roll over to have his belly rubbed. He’s a gorgeous medium to long haired black cat that is looking to be everyone’s friend. Scoop’s only rule concerning attention is he doesn’t like to be picked up and held. He will seek attention and he will settle in next to you but he’s not a fan of being restrained. It’s a little thing really when you consider that he really doesn’t know us all that well right now.”

Another pet up for adoption at the shelter isFreya, who is what is called a”special behavior adoption.”

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According to the shelter, “during handling Freya seeks attention but she looks to avoid if you try to pick her up. Freya can be a bit sassy if you grab at her too quickly. She is looking for a home that will let her be her own cat. She is not going to be put into any category. She’s not a cuddler, but she’s not aggressive. She’s not all about the lap but she wants to be near you and will take treats gently from your hands. Freya is also special adoption medical because she will always need to be on medication. Freya has a chronic sinus condition, so she is always sniffly and sneezy but she is not contagious to other cats in our multi-cat room. It seems that stress is a main factor in Freya’s cold symptoms so we feel confident that once she is out of the shelter environment her symptoms will lessen. She will need the medications still but symptoms will lessen. If you are interested in giving Freya a space of her own, head on down and ask to give her some treats.”