Amaro’s star rising higher and higher

When fans approached Ed Wade, it wasn’t a bad idea for the former Phillies GM to run the other way.

That’s not so for Ruben Amaro, who was treated like a rock star during a breakfast with Phillies full-season ticket holders.

Some fans posed for photos with Amaro after he conducted a Q&A in Citizens Bank Park’s diamond club, instead of scoring an autograph from manager Charlie Manuel or reliever Ryan Madson.

When asked what’s the most outrageous demand by an agent, the Stanford-educated Amaro took a moment before sending the crowd into hysterics.

“We’re negotiating with Charlie’s agent right now,” Amaro cracked. “You should see what they’re asking for.”

The crowd was either laughing or applauding Amaro. And the latter is understandable, since the former journeyman outfielder has assembled a potentially historic rotation.

Since Amaro succeeded soon-to-be Hall of Fame GM Pat Gillick, he has made a number of extraordinary moves. None was more surprising than his December reacquisition of Cliff Lee. (Amaro quietly stole Lee from the Yankees and Rangers.)

So Lee joins two other aces — Roy Halladay and Roy Oswalt — that Amaro acquired via trades. And then there is Cole Hamels, who came of age with the Phillies while Amaro toiled as assistant GM.

It’s debatable whether Amaro is the best GM in town, considering the job Paul Holmgren has done bringing the Flyers back from the dead. But, for now, Phillies fans are more than pleased.