Anonymous releases new video on Point Breeze lot dispute between city and Ori Feibush

Anonymous today released a new video regarding a vacant lot dispute between Point Breeze developer Ori Feibush and the city of Philadelphia that has received worldwide attention over the past week.

The city reportedly threatened to sue Feibush after he cleaned up and landscaped a city-owned lot behind a coffee shop he owns at 20th and Annin streets. Feibush struck back by creating a website detailing his multi-year string of correspondences with various city agencies expressing his interest in purchasing the land and, he claims, giving him permission to go ahead with the cleanup.

The video, the second one Anonymous has released on the subject, defends the hacker collective against claims that their first video constituted a threat and calls on the citizens of Philadelphia to mount a peaceful protest demanding that the city apologize to Feibush.

“NBC 10 half-twisted the words of Anonymous asking the people of Liberty City to stand up and have a peaceful protest to let the government know that the people of Philadelphia want the local government to apologize to Ori Feibush and repay him for the sacrifice he has made for the city,” a masked man says in the video. “… It is not Anonymous who will bring your corruption to an
end, but the people of Philadelphia who you have betrayed for the sake of greed.”

The clip also takes aim at City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson. “Kenyatta Johnson, we now know why you purposely destroy the land value,” it states. “We have discovered that you have sold 2040 Ellsworth Street four years ago for a mere $500 that was originally worth $50,000. The Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority does not discuss that sale because City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson just bought a new house on that very lot.”