Another Eagles fan punches a police horse

The Eagles bested the Vikings on Sunday, but one of their own fans embarrassed the team before the game even started by allegedly attacking a Philadelphia police horse.

It’s the second such attack in just one week.

Andrew Tornetta, of North Wales, Pa., allegedly punched a police horse, “Samson,” and the Pennsylvania State Police corporal riding it. Tornetta was with fellow fans in a parking lot off of Pattison Avenue around 3:15 p.m., police said, when a mounted Pennsylvania State Police Corporal was attempting to disperse the crowd.

“While mounted atop the horse, the corporal began to escort him away from the crowd, again telling him to leave,” a police report stated. “The offender became verbally combative and maneuvered himself out of his jacket and was grabbed by his sweatshirt to maintain control due to him being under arrest.”

That’s when the man allegedly punched the corporal’s horse twice on the right front shoulder, and hit the corporal in the face, before allegedly shedding some identifying garments and walking away into the crowd to flee, police said.

Samson was reportedly uninjured. Tornetta was quickly identified and taken into custody. Now he’s charged with aggravated assault and related charges.

It’s the second such assault in one week. Last week, right outside the Linc, a fan approached a police horse and attacked it without apparent provocation.

Taylor Hendricks, 22, of Whitehall, Pa., was allegedly ejected from the Jan. 13 Eagles home victory over Falcons “because he was intoxicated and did not possess a ticket,” a police report stated.

He then for unknown reasons attacked a Philadelphia Police Mounted Unit police horse and office.

“After the male was ejected he walked over to a mounted officer and began punching the horse in the face, neck and shoulder area,” the report said.

Neither the horse nor the officer were injured, police said. Hendricks is facing charges of assault on police and cruelty to animals.

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