Another positive COVID test, Titans’ facility closed

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Minnesota Vikings
Another positive COVID test within the Titans’ ranks has put their Week 5 game in jeopardy.
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Another positive test for the Tennessee Titans will keep the facility closed on Thursday and puts Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills in serious doubt.

The Titans learned of another positive COVID-19 result from Wednesday’s testing, ESPN reported, and an inconclusive test was confirmed as a positive as the coronavirus count for the franchise is at 23 (13 players, 10 team personnel) since Sept. 24.

Off last week due to a postponement of the scheduled game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Titans have not been allowed in the team facility for more than a week.

Scheduled to return from their forced bye week to face Buffalo on Sunday, the Titans are likely looking at another week off, NFL Network reported on Thursday.

Complicating any scheduled adjustments being considered: the Bills have a short week of prep ahead with a Thursday game next week.

The NFL is discussing possibly shifting the standard for playoff teams to include winning percentage as the primary factor to determine the expanded playoff field — over total wins — if teams wind up playing less than the scheduled 16-game regular-season schedule, ESPN reported.