‘Artful’ flasher has West Mount Airy residents on edge

‘Artful’ flasher has West Mount Airy residents on edge

West Mount Airy residents are on edge after a suspicious man exposed himself to multiple women over a two-week span. 

ABC reports that many residents in the area have posted about a man who they’ve taken to calling to the “artful” flasher. He’s dubbed the artful flasher because it was reported he exposes himself while asking for directions. He asks for directions to a train station where he can take “art photographs.” 

Adriana Prester, who lives in West Mount Airy, told ABC that, “Somewhere in the world exists a picture of a naked man in front of our house.” 

It was reported that on Dec. 2, Prester came home around 3 p.m. to see a man in front of her house. The man had parked his beige minivan in front of Prester’s home, with a camera set up on a tripod, taking photos himself. 

Prester told ABC that he was wearing an open bathrobe, exposing himself. 

Prester said she approached the man and asked what he was doing and was terrified at what she saw. 

“He said, ‘No I’m all done here’ and he turned and faced me, and was wearing just a flannel bathrobe, no shoes, nothing under the robe, flashed me, and proceeded to take his tripod down, and got in the car and left,” Prester told ABC. 

It has been reported that police have received multiple calls about similar incidents and are looking into it. 

Prester told ABC that she had seen reports of similar incidents involving a man flashing himself in the area. Many of the posts shared on social media report that the man has asked where he could find a “quiet train station” to take some “artful photos.”  

Pester told outlets that she was home with her husband when the artful flasher approached her home. 

“It’s a little scary, it’s a little creepy,” Robert Prester told ABC. 

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