Ask SEPTA: Getting on the trolley on time

Ask SEPTA: Getting on the trolley on time
Courtesy of SEPTA

“Why is the 15 trolley never on time?I am a regular rider of the 15. In the mornings and afternoons, I’m on a tight schedule and transfer from the 15 to another bus. When I say this line is never on time, I don’t just mean late by a few minutes –I mean I’ve waited up to 30 minutes for a trolley. I have the SEPTA app and not once has the 15 arrived according to schedule.”

SEPTA GM Joe Casey:We monitor all our routes, including the Route 15 for On-Time Performance. This is accomplished through our GPS technology and sight observations by our street supervisors. Currently, because of a large track replacement effort, bus substitution is in place along portions of the Route 15.

For the period of January 2015 through May 2015, the overall on-time percentage for the entire route was 78 percent. This was due to the track replacement project and new traffic patterns on Girard Avenue created by the ongoing construction project on I-95.

We will continue to monitor the Route 15 and make adjustments to the schedule to manage and correct lateness concerns. We regret any inconvenience these performance issues have created for you.

Dear Mr. Casey, Can you tell me about climate control on SEPTA Regional Rail? During the winter, the heat was never sufficiently high. I had to buy a new, warmer coat just for my commutes. Now, the weather has warmed up, and the air conditioning is blasting as cold as ever. The regional rail conductors wear sweaters and jackets when it’s in the 80s outside, clearly because the train cars are so cold. When I dress in seasonally appropriate clothing (which I have to, since part of my commute involves walking outdoors), I should not spend my entire commute from Center City to Trenton shivering and covered in goosebumps. Even with a sweater on, I find myself huddling to stay warm, and trying to find a seat as close to the doors as possible, in hopes that I might catch some of the warmer air from outside to keep me more comfortable. I have a very long commute, and find it very frustrating to spend the majority of that commute miserable every day.”

SEPTA: All Regional Rail cars are equipped with a climate control system that regulates the interior temperature between 68 and 72 degrees. This system regulates the interior car temperatures all year round regardless of how hot or cold it is outside. However, during the summer and winter months when doors are opened and closed frequently, there will be constant variations to the internal temperature.

“Why is Septa putting anti-Muslim ads on its buses?Are you people trying to get us blown up? This is veryirresponsible of SEPTA.”

SEPTA:SEPTA rejected the ads you are referring to, however, a federal court judge ruled that the First Amendment required SEPTA to accept the controversial ads from a group seeking to purchase advertising space on SEPTA even though the ads may be disparaging to riders and SEPTA employees

SEPTA has since amended its advertising policy to prohibit political or issue ads, disparaging ads, or ads that could incite lawless action, or prompt a lawsuit for defamation or invasion of privacy. The new policy will also require an advertiser to agree to pay the cost of any legal challenge or any physical damage caused by the ad.