Bankroll is Philadelphia’s new luxury sports betting bar

Evan Gusz

It looks like the odds are stacked in Philly’s favor.

Thanks to one of Center City’s newest establishments —Bankroll at 1910 Chestnut Street — Philadelphians who are feeling lucky can drink, eat, socialize and get the most up-to-date betting odds simultaneously.

Bankroll’s restoration of the historic Boyd Theater is engaging and fun with a focus on real-time odds boards and giant LED screens. At 13,000-square-feet, 350+ seats, the newly-opened Bankroll — a luxe sports bar, restaurant and entertainment viewing social experience — is a handsomely impressive addition to Center City’s nightlife brand.

Evan Gusz

“Sports betting is legal in Pennsylvania anywhere you have a cell signal, so we anticipate that our guests will be betting on their mobile phones while watching games at the venue,” said CEO Padma Rao, who alongside founder Paul Martino, see Bankroll as a “next generation” experience for gamers and diners. “To meet them where they already are and encourage more offline social interaction, we will facilitate and make social what people are already doing at Bankroll with things such as digital odds boards and charging ports for most tables.”

When Bankroll visitors aren’t busy gaming, they can enjoy casual and fine dining options from corporate chefs Scott Swiderski and Steve Kim throughout the venue’s multiple rooms. And while mobile sports gaming is encouraged at Bankroll while diners and drinkers are hanging out, one thing is clear: this location is not a licensed betting operator and does not have a gaming license.

“Our decision to build this next generation sports and entertainment venue was born from the fact that Philadelphia has the greatest fans in the world, and we saw a white space for a high-end venue that would bring people together for a new kind of viewing experience,” noted Rao. “The commitment that Philadelphians have for their teams is incredible, so why not give those passionate fans the best place to watch the game?”

Providing guests with a modern version of entertainment experienced by Boyd visitors of the 1920s and 30s, Bankroll is the Boyd in the Digital Age. Bankroll even celebrates its one-time with a dark restaurant/bar space, The Boyd, on its original mezzanine.

Evan Gusz

“That’s why we don’t put ourselves into the same category as the other sports bars you may find in the city,” said Rao. “While of course sports are a focus, we also plan to host events and private parties centered around awards shows like The Oscars, season finales of competitive television shows, and even presidential debates. With multiple seating areas, from large social areas like The Big Game Room and The Boyd to more private VIP spaces like The Club and The Lounge, the venue has options that cater to everyone’s preferences.”

Guests are also able to reserve spaces within Bankroll, like The Suites, to unlock a higher tier of service, or The Boyd, a secluded second floor bar and dining area.

“I think are going to change the game on how people come together to experience sports and live events with our range of access levels and experiences,” said Rao. “We’re encouraging guests to look up at the same big screen together, celebrate big wins and monumental moments with the table next to you and ask for advice on the under from a real person that’s sitting across the bar. We’re bringing people back together with technology rather than keeping them apart.”

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