Barbuzzo is now offering their own spin on Dalgona Coffee

Barbuzzo's Salted Caramel Dalgona Iced Coffee.

Ah, coffee. For many, the caffeinated beverage holds different meanings—maybe for you, it’s a quintessential morning ‘pick-me-up,’ a special sweet treat from your favorite local shop or a reason to get together with friends and catch up. However, there’s a new version of the beverage hitting the scene, and it’s been making quite the stir on social media, so much so that one popular Philly establishment has decided to put their own spin on it.

Dalgona Coffee is made by whipping equal proportions of instant coffee powder, sugar and hot water until the drink becomes creamy, then adding it to cold or hot milk. Many who make the sought-after trend put their own spin on toppings too with coffee powder, cocoa, crumbled biscuits or honey being the most popular. With the limited and easily accessible ingredients of coffee, sugar, water and milk, you can imagine just how many people have taken a swing at crafting their own Dalgona concoction.

Barbuzzo, the popular Midtown Village eatery serving Mediterranean fare has also decided to ride the Dalgona wave, and this week for a limited time, they will be offering their own Salted Caramel Dalgona Iced Coffee for all to enjoy. The base of Barbuzzo’s beverage is a salted caramel iced milk that’s topped with whipped coffee, crème fraiche whip, chocolate crumble and a few bits of Maldon sea salt. The new beverage will be available for pick-up via pre-order now through Saturday, May 16. Same day pick-up will be available through Barbuzzo’s website beginning at 11 a.m. with designated pick-up times ranging from 4:30-7 p.m. The coffee will be available until supplies last, so the earlier you order the better.


On top of the new whipped libation, Barbuzzo also offers plenty of other enticing treats to choose from in both the food and beverage category.

On the more spirited side of things, Philadelphians can order cocktails to go from the eatery with choices ranging from a vodka basil lemonade, red and white sangria (add the rose option to make it a Sangria trio), a Moscow mule kit and more. The establishment also offers cocktail mixers if you’d rather be your own bartender for the night with popular options including Bloody Mary mix, blood orange margarita mix and more. Philadelphians can also stock up on their favorite bottles of wine through Barbuzzo as well.

Food wise, Barbuzzo is serving up enticing dinner specials. Menu highlights include bacon-wrapped dates, whipped ricotta, grilled spice carrots, Caciocavallo stuffed meatballs, rigatoni, crispy chicken Milanese, red wine braised short rib, an enticing array of pizzas and plenty more. Hungry Philadelphians can stock up on sauces, sides and soups as well ranging from marinara sauce, pork ragu and other tasty choices.

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