Best sports related dog names for every state

Best sports related dog names for every state
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Something about pets and sports make for a match made in heaven. Who among us doesn’t have a friend orloved one (or ourselves) with a puppy named Brady, a cat named Beckham or a turtle named Gretzky?

This list, which includes all 50 states and Canada, is not a de facto ranking of the best athlete from each state, but of the best name for a pet based on a fan-favorite athlete from that state.

Without further ado:

Alabama —Barkley

Named for Charles Barkley, an Alabama native and Auburn alum, this one is a no-brainer.

Alaska — Chalmers

There’s a surprisingly long list of pro basketball players who were born in Alaska. We like Chalmers as a name for a puppy.

Arizona — Mickelson

One of the best golfers in the world for over a decade, Phil Mickelson attended Arizona State and is a mulitime winner of the PheonixOpen.

Arkansas — Scottie (or Pippen)

Scottie Pippen is an NBA Hall of Famer who is from Arkansas and attended the University ofCentral Arkansas.

California — Kobe

If he’s a great athlete and his name ends in an “ee” sound, it’s a no-brainer.

Canada — Gretzky

We know Canada is a big place, but we also know the entire country has dogs named after Wayne Gretzky.

Colorado — Elway

John Elway is a legend in the Denver area, winning two Super Bowls for the Broncos and winning a third as GM.

Connecticut — Kemba

Kemba Walker, now starring in the NBA with the Hornets, won an NCAA with UConn and has always been a fan favorite in the Nutmeg State.

Delaware — Della Donne

Elena Delle Donne is the WNBA’s reigning MVP, hails proudly from Delaware and is an Olympic champion.

Florida — Tebow

He won two national titles with the Gators and continues to be beloved in the Sunshine State.

Georgia — Chipper

Chipper Jones is arguably one of the best third basemen of all time, a future Hall of Famer and a favorite all across the South for his achievements with the Braves.

Hawaii — Wie

Michelle Wie is one of the best female golfers in the world and burst onto the scene as a teenager.

Idaho —Picabo

This is an abstract one but hear us out. Picabo Street is from the Potato State and won two Olympic skiing medals. And it’s an awesome name.

Illinois — Ditka

Have there been better Chicago sports figures like Michael Jordan? Probably. But he led the Bears to their only Super Bowl and has a fun name to say.

Indiana — Reggie

Reggie Miller is the best player in Pacers history. And his name ends in an “ee” sound.

Iowa — Warner

Kurt Warner was born in Iowa and is a Super Bowl winning quarterback.

Kansas — Manning

Not Eli or Peyton, but Danny. He led the Jayhawks to the 1986 Final Four and a 1988 NCAA title.

Kentucky — Ali

Muhammad Ali famously hails from Louisville and is one of the best boxers ever to lace up.

Louisiana — Shaq

He went to LSU and his name is short and sweet. Perfect for a canine.

Maine — Brady

We are making a blanket statement for New England states, Tom Brady rules.

Maryland — Flacco

Joe Flacco is the QB for the Ravens and has a cool name for a dog.

Massachusetts — Brady

See Maine. Brady rules New England.

Michigan — Magic

We went Kobe for California, so we’ll honor Magic Johnson for his time at Michigan State.

Minnesota — Mauer

His prime is behind him, but Joe Mauer was is and wasan all-time great for the Twins.

Mississippi — Peyton

Walter Peyton is from Mississippi, and his last name works. Good enough.

Missouri — Musial

An old school throwback to Cardinals great Stan Musial.

Montana — Brock

Brock Osweiler, Houston’s starting quarterback, is from Montana. So is Ryan Leaf.

Nebraska — Osborne

One of the best coaches of all time, Tom Osborne pretty much invented Nebraska football.

Nevada — Kaepernick

Controversial49ers QB Colin Kaepernick hails from Nevada and he’s got a canine-sounding name.

New Hampshire — Brady

Another New England state. See above.

New Jersey — Marty

Martin Broduer — one of the best goalies of all time — was a staple for the Devils for nearly two decades.

New Mexico — Holly

Holly Holm, UFC knockout queen is a New Mexican.

New York — Beckham

Right now, dogs are being named after Odell Beckham Jr. A few years ago it was Cruz. A few years before that it was Eli. It’s a Giants thing.

North Carolina — Jordan

Michael Jordan is a proud North Carolinian.

North Dakota — Wentz

Carson Wentz is already the most famous athlete ever from his state.

Ohio — BronBron

LeBron doesn’t quite work as a dog name, so we altered it a tad.

Oklahoma — Bradford

Somehow we doubt too many dogs have been named after Oklahoma (and current Vikings) quarterback Sam Bradford.

Oregon — Chip

It’s not quite Chipper, the name we chose for Georgia. It’s a play off of the Ducks’ best coach of all time, Chip Kelly.

Pennsylvania — Utley

He’s a Dodger now but 12-year-old labs across the Keystone State are named Utley, after Chase Utley and his late 2000sheroics in Phillies red.

Rhode Island — Brady

More Tom Brady love from New England.

South Carolina — Mookie

A stretch perhaps, but we are going by best name, not best athlete. And Mets’ fan favorite Mookie Wilson is from South Carolina.

South Dakota — Vinateri

He’s probably the best clutch placekicker and he’s from South Dakota. Adam VinateriFTW.

Tennessee — Summitt

We guarantee you there are dozens of dogs named after Tennessee’s all-time great women’s basketball coach Pat Summitt.

Texas — Aikman

We were thinking of going Romo here, but his days could be numbered. We’ll go with the last Cowboys QB to win a Super Bowl, Troy Aikman.

Utah — Malone

Karl Malone led the Jazz to two NBA title appearances (both losses to Michael Jordan’s Bulls).

Vermont — Brady

See Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine.

Virginia — Iverson

Allen Iverson is proudly from Hampton, Virginia, and his name lends itself to a lovable sidekick.

Washington — Russell

Russell Wilson delivered a Super Bowl to Seattle, and the state no doubt repaid him by naming their dogs after him.

West Virginia — Mayo

This is a stretch but there was slim pickins. Bucks guard O.J. Mayo is from West Virginia.

Wisconsin — Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers may be having a down season but he’s a no-brainer here. He replaced Brett Favre as a top dog name in 2008.

Wyoming —Rulon

​Rulon Gardner is the pride of Wyoming, having won a gold medal for Greco Roman wrestling in 2000.