Biometric scanning coming to Philly Airport

Biometric scanning coming to Philly Airport
Philadelphia International Airport/Facebook

The Philadelphia International Airport is set to begin piloting a 45-day program for biometric screenings. 

ABC reports that the program will take flight on Jan. 21. Travelers will see the biometric screening at gates A15, A16, and A17. 

These will be for specific outbound international flights on Lufthansa, American Airlines, Qatar, and British Airways.

The process goes as follows, according to NBC, and it will be a facial scan, which will be cross-checked with on file photos. 

If a passenger does not want to participate, they can contact an airport representative for the alternative method or contact Customs Border Protection. 

The new program will test multiple systems to determine which is the best used for full implementation.  

ABC reports that U.S. Customs and Border Protection now require biometric exit screenings for foreign nationals, excluding Canadians.  

The pilot process can take up to one year to implement, and it will include testing, analysis, and installation.  

The Philly International Airport will be one of the 27 airports testing this technology in the U.S.