Bizarre moment when flight attendant found inside overhead compartment on Philly flight

flight attendant

There’s nothing worse than hopping on a flight and seeing all of the overhead bins being taken up by luggage. But over the weekend, Southwest passengers were shocked to discover that the overhead compartment was filled with something a little a different. 

A flight attendant had taken up residence in one of the overhead compartments.

Video footage shared on social media on July 29 shows a female flight attendant laying inside an overhead bin. 


“I can’t get over how weird I find this. @SouthwestAir please get it together The flight was heading from Nashville to Pennsylvania when this occurred,” said Twitter user Verny Vern.

Southwest shared a statement with media outlets about the situation, and they told media, “Southwest Employees are known for demonstrating their sense of humor and unique personalities. In this instance, one of our Flight Attendants attempted to have a brief moment of fun with Customers during boarding. Of course, this is not our normal procedure, and Southwest Crews always maintain Safety as their top priority.”