#BlackLivesMatter. Police protesters demand charges dropped

#BlackLivesMatter. Police protesters demand charges dropped
Sam Newhouse

Protesters arrested last week for interrupting a police-community meeting to criticize the lack of charges against police responsible for Brandon Tate-Brown’s shooting death now want charges against them dropped.

The 10 protesters were part of a group of 30 who rallied outside City Hall Thursday to demand that the disorderly conduct charges against the protesters be dropped.

Asa Khalif, who was among those arrested, claimed that the group protesting a forum on police-community relations at Lawncrest Recreation Center was nonviolent.

They also called on police to identify the officers who shot 26-year-old Tate-Brown in December, and to release surveillance footage of the crime.

“We want to know who the killer cops are so we can avoid them,” said Morgan Malachi.

Tate-Brown was shot in December after traffic stop. The officers fired when Tate-Brown ran for a handgun in his car, according to police and prosecutors.

D.A. Seth Williams announced last week that the officers would not face criminal charges for the shooting, calling Tate-Brown’s death “a tragedy but not a crime.”