Boston man facing charges after bugging Pennsylvania teens’ rooms

A Boston man has been arrested for allegedly installing hidden cameras in a Maine home to apparently spy on two Pennsylvania teens.

NBC reported that Samuel P. Mickey, 26 will be charged with violation of privacy and being fugitive from justice. His cash bail is set to $2,500, and he will be in court at a later date. Mickey was arrested on July 25, by the Boston police department, reported.  

Police told outlets that on July 18, a Pennsylvania family was on vacation at a home in Eliot, Maine when the teens noticed weird “phone style chargers” around the home that they were staying in, NBC reported. One of the teens discovered that there was a memory card within these “chargers” and it turns out, they were not chargers at all but instead hidden cameras. 

It is being reported that the home was owned by Mickey’s parents. Mickey was also visiting the home at the time the Pensylvania family was there. 

The cameras were allegedly located in the bathrooms and bedrooms in the house. The teens removed all cards and provided them to the police. 

NBC reported that the Eliot police procured a search warrant to review what was on the memory cards, which revealed unknown people in the bathroom and bedroom.

It was reported that the cameras were angled specifically so viewers of the tapes could watch people on the toilet, in the shower and even in the bedrooms. 

Eliot Police Chief Elliott Moya said in a statement that, “Most would be appalled at these actions as they are a tremendous breach of privacy. Thankfully, the individual that found the cameras was abundantly suspicious and examined further to learn it was more than just a phone charger.”

Boston Police also got a search warrant for Mickey’s residence and his car. 

This investigation is ongoing as of July 31. If you or anyone you know has any information, please call Sgt. Ronald Lund at 207-439-1179.