Breaking down the Carson Wentz-Mike Trout bromance

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There may be nothing better than a sports bromance.

And Philadelphia’s collective sports imagination has run rampant ever since Eagles quarterbackCarson Wentz handed Angels MVP outfielder Mike Trout a touchdown ball after scoring against the Cowboys last Sunday.

“We had talked about it,” Wentz said after blowing up social media in the win.”I just wanted to give him a football. Kind of funny.”

Wentz, after making headlines for giving each of his offensive linemen a hunting rifle as a Christmas gift, endeared himself to the Philly faithful even more when it came out that Wentz and Trout — a proud South Jersey native home for the offseason — went hunting during the Eagles’ brief winter break.

What was discussed between the two young superstars is known only to the surrounding Jersey pine trees but what is highly suspected is that the two did create enough of a bond that Wentzfelt compelled to give Trout, sitting field-side as he always does, a gift.

“He mentioned it but I didn’t know he was going to do it,” Trout told CSNPhilly after the game.”He’s a good dude he’s fun to hang out with.”

If Trout wants to hang out with Wentz more, there’s a simple way to make that happen. The All-Star Los Angeles outfielder becomes a free agent after the 2020 season. Maybe a homecoming(and signing with the Phillies)is in the cards, four years from now.

And by then, maybe Wentz will be an MVP as well. Trout said he has high hopes for the future of his favorite football team and their young QB.

“It’s going in the right direction for sure,” Trout said.

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