Cabbie stabbed seven times in ride gone wrong

Cabbie stabbed seven times in ride gone wrong
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Police are looking for a suspect they say attacked a cab driver overnight in Camden, New Jersey.

Juan Fortuna, a driver with 5 Star Cab, was robbed and stabbed seven times by a passenger he had picked up at a 7-Eleven in East Camden around midnight, NBC10 reported.

The passenger asked to be taken to a public housing complex at Front and State streets. When Fortuna arrived, the passenger demanded money.

“He was giving him the money, but he didn’t pay attention to the money. He just all of a sudden started stabbing my brother,” Fortuna’s brother Jose told NBC10. “And from that point forward, my brother crashed into another car, and the neighbors started coming out and trying to help.”

Apparently, a fare dispute sparked the attack.

Brandon Ramos, Fortuna’s daughter’s boyfriend, told Fox29the passenger had asked for change from a $50 bill.

Witnesses at the housing complex heard screams coming from inside the taxi, and ran out to help, they told NBC10. They saw the suspect exit the vehicle and flee, and found Fortuna in the front seat bleeding. He had been stabbed in his shoulder and chest.

A bystander took Fortuna, 50, to Cooper University Hospital, where he was in surgery around 4 a.m. His condition has been upgraded to stable, doctors said.