Catie Turner goes from being a high school senior to ‘American Idol’ star

Catie Turner of Langhorne dazzled the 'American Idol' judges. | Provided

There is a lot of talent from the Philadelphia region on “American Idol” this year, including Langhorne’s own Catie Turner.

The Neshaminy High School senior still can’t believe it’s all happening.

“It’s something that I couldn’t make up. I guess you could say it’s kind of like a dream — I still don’t think it’s real. It’s pretty amazing,” she says.

Turner admits that she was a late bloomer when it came to discovering her passion for music.

“Everybody has that story where they’ve been singing since they were two. That didn’t happen for me,” she reveals. “It happened pretty late. [I was like], ‘ I can’t play sports, I can’t act, I can’t draw — I need a talent. What is something I haven’t tried? Music! Wait — I’m actually kind of good at music — I think I’ll work with this.”

Turner started playing music at age 11, starting off on piano and then moving onto guitar.

In terms of influences, she’s a big fan of singer/songwriters.

“I do love Joni Mitchell,” she says. “I really appreciate all the songwriters in the music industry right now. We’re doing it ourselves with no producers or writing sessions behind us.”

She also loves Ed Sheeran.

“He’s managed to make fresh album after album. He’s one-upping his romantic songs. He keeps making wedding dance song after wedding dance song,” she says.

And what do Turner’s friends think about all of her newfound fame?

“They didn’t think it was cool until we went to the mall yesterday, and people came up to me asking if I was Catie Turner,” she says. “Now they all want to be my entourage, wearing turtlenecks, big sunglasses and silently walk behind me.”

When Turner isn’t making music, she’s a big fan of thrift store shopping.

“That’s my favorite hobby. Going to a thrift shop and finding some treasure. I’ll go anywhere that has the word thrift shop,” she says. “I love selecting trinkets — little floral vases and pots. My bedroom is such a mess.”

Turner also loves “Stranger Things” and the Marvel franchise.

“I’m obsessed with ‘Stranger Things.’ I love that show,” she says. I also love Tom Collins playing Spiderman — He is such a cutie.”

You can watch Catie Turner perform on American idol this Sunday, April 8 and Monday, April 9 on ABC.

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