CBD oil smoothies debut at Fuel restaurants in Philadelphia

Fuel restaurants

Fuel restaurants all around Philadelphia added new menu items this weekend, but don’t expect your typical smoothie recipe. Fuel, which was just voted the 2018 Winner of Philly Style’s Best Healthy Restaurant, has added CBD oil into their new line of dream smoothies. 

Fuel restaurants are now offering smoothies made with CBD oil 

According to the press release, Fuel Recharge Yourself President Rocco Cima announced three new smoothies that are infused with CBD oil. The new collection is part of Cima’s mission to offer a fast, fresh and even healthier dining experience for customers.

Infusing edibles with CBD oil is a trend sweeping the nation due to potential health benefits of what some call a new “superfood.” CBD is commonly used to manage anxiety, stress and depression. With the addition of the new smoothies, Cima will provide customers with more options when they are focusing on the overall package, a healthy body and mind. Cima is officially the first in Philadelphia to offer the smoothies and has exclusive distribution rights with a lead national distributor. He plans to explore additional CBD oil infused drink and food options for debut in early 2019.

“Fuel has been a trendsetter in the healthy food and drink industry for over 10 years,” said Cima. “My goal is for all Fuel locations and franchises to offer cutting-edge experiences and menus. Now, with CBD infused smoothies, I am pleased to give customers an option to focus on their body along with their mental well being. While we can’t and won’t make any medical claims, I suggest everyone do their research and decide if CBD infused edibles are for them. There is amazing research out there. We are proud to start the dialogue about this fast-moving national and global trend. The CBD oil supplier specifically approached and selected Fuel in this market due to our long and innovative history.”

Fuel restaurants

Fuel restaurant’s new Dream Smoothies come in three flavors and became available this past Friday, Oct. 6. Just like the rest of Fuel’s smoothie bar, the smoothies will come in three sizes, including 16 oz. ($6.95), 20 oz. ($7.95),and 24 oz. ($8.95). The smoothies are available in three flavors: Green Dream (Vegan) – Kale, Ginger, Pineapple, Spinach, Honey, 0.5 ml CBD oil, Berry Dream (Vegan) – Strawberry, Mango, Apple, Banana, 0.5 ml CBD oil and Orange Dream (Vegan option available) – OJ, Banana, Vanilla, Non-Fat Yogurt and 0.5 ml CBD oil.

Additionally, customers can add a half millimeter of CBD oil to other smoothies for only $2.95. You can also try the oil in other Fuel restaurants shakes such as  the Strawberry Tahini Shake (Choice of Milk, Strawberry, Banana. Tahini, Raw Sugar, Honey), Iced Avocado Mocha (Cold Brew Iced Coffee, Avocado, Choice of Milk, Chocolate Sauce) and Chocolate Covered Strawberry Banana (Choice of Milk, Strawberry, Banana, Non-Fat Yogurt, Chocolate Sauce).

Fuel restaurants are one of the first trailblazers in Philly to include CBD oil in their menu items along with ice cream produced by Little Baby’s Ice Cream. Fuel owner Rocco Cima is used to being the first with innovative ideas; earlier this year he installed groundbreaking facial recognition ordering kiosks for increased speed and efficiency. He also fired up a new menu with seventeen new options that focused on quality, fresh ingredients and bold flavors. 

Fuel has always prided themselves on being healthy for, and they wish to do the same with the mind. The healthy eatery is located in University City at 3200 Chestnut St., on East Passyunk in South Philly at 1917 East Passyunk Ave. and in Center City in Midtown Village at 1225 Walnut St. Check out fuelrechargeyourself.com for more info.

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