Cheetos-flavored soft serve is confusing but totally addictive

Cheeto soft serve is the new confusing but addictive invention of Big Gay Ice Cream.
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When it comes to food innovation, no one is trying harder than potato chip companies. That is until Big Gay Ice Cream combined two of your favorite things into Cheetos-flavored soft serve.

Yes, the New York-born ice cream shop leading the flavor name game actually created Cheetos-flavored soft serve, which is then wrapped in a luscious layer of Cheetos dust so maybe don’t eat it while wearing white.

The flavor’s officially name is Cheat-Ohs because it was originally created as a President’s Day Weekend special (you can do the math on that one). But like some of history’s greatest inventions, what was meant as a joke turned out to be a stroke of genius. Precariously balanced somewhere between the sweet and savory realms, the richness of the soft serve makes for an initially confusing but ultimately even more compulsive eating experience than sitting down with a bag of Cheetos.


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In their own words: “Yes it tastes like Cheetos, yes it sounds disgusting, yes it’s really pretty amazing.”

In the words of their bewildered but happy customers, Cheetos-flavored soft serve is “the best thing I ate in months.” “After trying it yesterday, I woke up this morning craving it. It’s legit.” “The first bite was almost revolting and I didn’t want to like it, but then I couldn’t stop eating it.”

Public pressure has brought back the flavor several times — follow Big Gay Ice Cream on Instagram to know when you can swing by and try it yourself. “If you come in please dare to try a sample, even if you intend to buy something else,” they suggest. “Just try it, then order whatever. I need people to understand that beyond all reasonable expectations it’s actually really good!”