Chesco man charged in ‘nightmare’ kidnapping, abuse of girl

An Avondale man is behind bars on charges that he lured a 4-year-old girl out of her home in the middle of the night to sexually assault her, the Chester County DA’s office announced.

“A monster took me,” the victim, who was quickly noticed missing and found by her parents, allegedly told police after the assault.

Now Humberto Guzman-Garcia, 35, is charged with kidnapping, aggravated indecent assault and attempted rape for his alleged assault on the 4-year-old. He was discovered in the act of abusing her by her father near the home, fled on foot and was later arrested, prosecutors said.

“This crime is every parent’s nightmare,” said Chesco DA Tom Hogan in a statement. “A monster comes out of the night, abducts your child, and sexually assaults her. This is proof that evil exists in the world.”

Guzman-Garcia, whose last listed address was also in Avondale, was a “complete stranger” to the victim’s family, prosecutors said.

On June 10 around 3:30 a.m., the parents of the victim realized she was missing and began searching for her. The girl later told her father that she heard a knock on the door, went to open it, and Guzman-Garcia then took her outside.

The victim’s father told authorities that while searching for his daughter he saw Guzman-Garcia “about 50 yards away behind a shed” abusing the girl. As the victim’s father approached, the suspect fled.

Police were called and found Guzman-Garcia in a disabled car nearby. The victim’s father identified him as the suspect. According to an affidavit, medical examiners found the girl had suffered bodily injuries, and Guzman-Garcia admitted to abusing her.

“Vigilance on the part of the young girl’s parents and quick work from responding troopers were instrumental in apprehending a dangerous predator,” said Pennsylvania State Police Troop J commanding officer Capt. James H. Fisher.

Guzman-Garcia, a U.S. citizen, is currently detained in Chester County prison. His last known address was on the 400 block of Lake Road, about two miles from the victim’s home.

“This was a bold and brazen attack,” Hogan said. “We will not stand for children being hurt in Chester County.”

Hogan said the blatant nature of the attack sparked concerns that the same perpetrator may have assaulted other victims, and is urging anyone with more information about Guzman-Garcia to come forward.

Anyone with information about the case is urged to contact Pennsylvania State Police at 610-268-2022.

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